Friday, June 20, 2014

true story touching story of true love

For those friends who are still confused friend what true love is, there are two stories are very slick story to describe true love, so either directly refer to either yes true story touching true love story, below:

true love story of a mother
A child came into the kitchen that night when his mother was preparing food. The child was handed a sheet of paper to hand wiping tulisannya.setelah apron, his mother read it:

    Cut the grass Rp. 1,000
    Clearing my own place this week Rp. 5000
    Told to spending Rp. 1,000
    Keeping sister when mother went Rp. 02/05/00
    Taking out the trash and wash the dishes for a week Rp. 5000
    Rapot good value Rp. 50,000
    Cleaning the yard every morning Rp. 5000

The mother looked at her daughter who was standing with full harap.Ribuan berkelebetan Dibenaknya memories. He then took the paper and wrote it and membalikannya following:

    For nine months pregnant and raise you on the mother's abdomen, free
    For the evening the mother look after you, take care, pray for you, free
    For time and tears and sacrifice of the mother for many years, free
    For the nights full of anxiety and concern the future, free
    For advice, science and school fees, free of charge.

If you add it all, then the total cost of maternal love is Free

When the boy finished reading, her eyes water expands. He looked at his mother and said, "Mother, I love you"

Then the boy took a pen and with great posts he wrote PAID.

SO If you add up all the TOTAL COST IS TRUE LOVE "FREE"

the power of maternal love

A little girl and her mother were crossing a bridge that fragile. The mother told her daughter "hold my hand tight so that you do not fall into the river"

His son replied, "not the mother, the mother who had to hold my hand."!!! He pleaded

"What's the difference?" Asked a confused mother

"VERY BIG DIFFERENCE" replied his son. "If I were holding the mother's hand and suddenly something happens to me, I'll probably release my grip"

But if the mother is holding my hand, I know that whatever happens, the mother would never let go of my hand.